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For Seven Lifetimes : An East–West Journey to a Spiritually Fulfilling and Sustainable Marriage
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For Seven Lifetimes : An East–West Journey to a Spiritually Fulfilling and Sustainable Marriage

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For Seven Lifetimes
Author(s): Vatsala Sperling, Ehud Sperling

How to cultivate a successful marriage based on shared values and spiritual growth

• With new chapters on their past 15 years together, stories of happy marriages modeled on the book, marital “obedience,” and the family way to world peace

• Reveals how a couple can become an engine for higher spiritual experiences

• Includes more than 60 letters written between the authors during their courtship and over 100 full-color photographs, including their traditional wedding in India

Defying the norms of her culture and tradition, a highly educated Tamil Brahmin woman decides to arrange her own marriage. Simultaneously, an American book publisher--disillusioned with love in the Western world--looks to India to find a wife by placing an ad in an Indian newspaper. A dialogue between two souls, two families, and two cultures, For Seven Lifetimes chronicles the year-long written courtship of this pair as they share their beliefs on sexuality, desire, gender roles, careers, parenthood, spirituality, and religion. By appreciating the similarities and differences in their worldviews, they initiate a union that reflects their ideals as a couple and the life they will create together.

Revealing the secrets to a fulfilling relationship based on shared values and spiritual growth, Vatsala and Ehud outline the principles needed to truly understand the roles of husband and wife and the questions to ask to recognize true spiritual compatibility. With new chapters on the 15 years since their wedding day, stories of happy marriages inspired by and modeled on the book, marital “obedience,” and how a couple can become an engine for higher spiritual experiences, this new edition shows how the successful marriage reflects the greater union between the masculine and the feminine.

“Full of inspiration and sage advice . . . a must read for anyone involved in or seeking a true partnership!”
“Restores marriage to its eternal status . . . inspiring, challenging, and hauntingly beautiful.”
For Seven Lifetimes gives us pause to consider our own rituals of love, courtship, and child-rearing, and lays bare both the functional and dysfunctional beliefs held in our world about these issues . . . thoughtprovoking and personally transformational.”
“An amazing chronicle by two brilliant mavericks of love. To witness these strong-willed, reflective, and tender souls weave themselves together allows us to discover the essential qualities that make relationships work.”
“A unique, remarkable, and moving book, showing the growth of love and understanding in slow motion; an intimate chronicle of a literal marriage of East and West.”
“The letters probe every aspect of a committed relationship, including attitudes toward raising children, sexual compatibility, the need for a sense of humor, decision-making, career, and conflict in the home. They find the intrinsic ideals and beliefs they share far outweigh the initially apparent differences in skin color, religion, and cultural mores.”
“This book is just terrific . . . highly recommended.”
“. . . intimate and inspiring glimpse into the unconventional birth of their union.”
For Seven Lifetimes shows us that we can live with each other and have productive fulfilled lives regardless of our faith; all that matters is the love for each other. As it has been said before many times “love conquers all” and Vatsala and Ehud Sperling are ones that show us the true meaning of that statement”
“I started reading For Seven Lifetimes the day it arrived in the mail, and I stayed up half the night with it, thoroughly engaged, touched, and uplifted. What was so compelling that night - what makes up the bulk of the book, is a collection of letters exchanged between two beautiful people, over the course of nearly a year. These letters were an expression of a courtship unique in many ways. They were the way in which two people met, grew to know and love each other, and ultimately, the way they came together in marriage. . . I can't imagine anyone who would not come away from it enriched.”
“It [For Seven Lifetimes] beckons the reader to contemplate a values oriented relationship, rather than one based purely on attraction and romance. It offers encouragement to savor the ’getting to know you’ process, with their marriage as example. Together now for a decade and half, one could safely say that theirs is a marriage made in Heaven and lived fully here on Earth.”
“. . . an an extraordinary account of an unusual couple who are making it work despite wildly disparate backgrounds. Fifteen years means a lot of this day and age of 50% divorce rate, perhaps they have something to offer you?”
“. . . a beautifully-written narrative . . .”

ISBN:  9781594773730