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Classic Recipes for Modern People
Weldon Owen

Classic Recipes for Modern People

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Classic Recipes for Modern People
Author(s): Max Sussman, Eli Sussman

Chef brothers Max and Eli Sussman are back with their fourth cookbook, Classic Recipes for Modern People, featuring over 75 recipes that reimagine classic dishes from their childhood and yours, with a little humor baked in along the way.

Classics Recipes for Modern People is the definitive collection of classic recipes that have been reinvented, rejiggered, reordered, and re-created by Max and Eli Sussman. They believe that recipes should be ever expanding and evolving, a philosophy they practice in both their professional and home kitchens. That a dish “no matter how classic and iconic—has the ability to morph into something new and fantastic.”

Divided into eight sections like “Classics from Our Childhood,” TV Dinner Classics,” “Future Classics,” and “Breakfast Classics” readers will find reinvented dishes inspired by Max and Eli’s childhood in Detroit, the frozen food aisle, followers on social media, and more. Everything old is new again - tastier, bolder, and better. Welcome to the new classics.

“Home cooks interested in adding to their comfort food canon will likely find some inspiration in this eye-catching collection…The Sussmans' thoughtful collection is sure to jar readers from their comfort (food) zones and encourage them to branch out to incorporate new flavors and ingredients.”
"The cookbook displays their trademark creative spin on classic dishes, featuring recipes for things like Gefilte Fish Terrine, Duck a` l’Orange, and Kibbeh and Tzatziki. It’s decidedly not kosher (see: Pork Burger with Apple Ketchup, Shellfish Shells), but it speaks to the contemporary trend of repurposing traditional Jewish foods to make them shine in a modern context."
“They’re also pretty good in the kitchen. And their third tome — Classic Recipes for Modern People — spotlights their cooking chops and dead-on wit in equal measure.”

ISBN:  9781616288129