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Enterprise Java Microservices
Manning Publications

Enterprise Java Microservices

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Enterprise Java Microservices
Author(s): Ken Finnigan


Enterprise Java Microservices is an example-rich tutorial that shows how to design and manage large-scale Java applications as a collection of microservices.

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About the Technology

Large applications are easier to develop and maintain when you build them from small, simple components. Java developers now enjoy a wide range of tools that support microservices application development, including right-sized app servers, open source frameworks, and well-defined patterns. Best of all, you can build microservices applications using your existing Java skills.

About the Book

Enterprise Java Microservices teaches you to design and build JVM-based microservices applications. You'll start by learning how microservices designs compare to traditional Java EE applications. Always practical, author Ken Finnigan introduces big-picture concepts along with the tools and techniques you'll need to implement them. You'll discover ecosystem components like Netflix Hystrix for fault tolerance and master the Just enough Application Server (JeAS) approach. To ensure smooth operations, you'll also examine monitoring, security, testing, and deploying to the cloud.

What's inside

  • The microservices mental model
  • Cloud-native development
  • Strategies for fault tolerance and monitoring
  • Securing your finished applications

About the Reader

This book is for Java developers familiar with Java EE.

About the Author

Ken Finnigan leads the Thorntail project at Red Hat, which seeks to make developing microservices for the cloud with Java and Java EE as easy as possible.

Table of Contents


  1. Enterprise Java microservices
  2. Developing a simple RESTful microservice
  3. Just enough Application Server for microservices
  4. Microservices testing
  5. Cloud native development

  7. Consuming microservices
  8. Discovering microservices for consumption
  9. Strategies for fault tolerance and monitoring
  10. Securing a microservice
  11. Architecting a microservice hybrid
  12. Data streaming with Apache Kafka


ISBN:  9781617294242