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Awakening the Chakras : The Seven Energy Centers in Your Daily Life
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Awakening the Chakras : The Seven Energy Centers in Your Daily Life

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Awakening the Chakras
Author(s): Victor Daniels, Kooch N. Daniels, Pieter Weltevrede

An in-depth guide to understanding and balancing the chakras

• Provides meditations, mantras, and other methods to work with each chakra

• Details each chakra’s positive and negative qualities, their gifts and challenges, and how they interact with each other

• Examines the psychological causes of blocked energy in the chakras

• Shares chakra wisdom and profound spiritual insights from Sri Harish Johari, Guruji Pilot Baba, Mataji Narmada Puri, Sri Aurobindo, and other spiritual leaders

By understanding the chakras, you can better understand the ways you interact with the world around you and the energetic roots of your inner being. Offering an in-depth guide to this powerful ancient yogic science, authors Victor Daniels, Kooch N. Daniels, and Pieter Weltevrede--all longtime students of the late tantric scholar, philosopher, and temple artist Sri Harish Johari--explain the essence of each of the 7 chakras and provide practical tools to work with these energetic “wheels of light.”

Revealing how each chakra is connected with specific patterns of thinking, feeling, sensing, and acting, the authors explore how the chakras offer a vertical map of consciousness beginning with the root chakra at the base of the spine and ascending to the crown chakra on top of the head. They provide dynamic meditations, mantras, and other methods to work with the chakras. You will learn how to enhance each chakra’s positive features and transform the difficult ones. You will discover the complementary ways they affect each other, the gifts and strengths each can bestow, and the psychological causes of potential imbalances within them. Coauthor Pieter Weltevrede provides visual portrayals of traditional images of the chakras and their deities, explaining the spiritual secrets embedded in each. Sharing profound insights from their studies with Harish Johari, the authors also include chakra wisdom from other gurus they have studied with such as Guruji Pilot Baba and Mataji Narmada Puri.

Offering practical wisdom for help in daily life and freedom from the tethers of your past, chakra work provides a powerful way to hear your inner self more deeply and a systematic path for activating higher levels of consciousness.

“Beautifully and wisely written, with rare philosophical and psychological depth, this book is a manual for wise living and, indeed, a map for the attainment of Enlightenment. The authors’ multilayered knowledge adds special color, resonance, and entertainment value to the precious knowledge shared here. Awakening the Chakras is truly a classic, a must-read for every spiritual seeker. I cannot imagine a finer gift.”
“This remarkable volume is a groundbreaking integration of Western psychology and Eastern wisdom. The three authors are longtime intrepid explorers of faraway continents and spiritual mysteries. They bring a multidimensional understanding that will deepen the reader’s appreciation of the chakra system. Moreover, contemplation of the magnificent color plates is likely to open new channels of intuitive insight into their power.”
Awakening the Chakras can provide a roadmap for navigating life’s journey. The authors have presented their material in an engaging and interesting manner. Colorful artwork and inspirational messages help illuminate the reader’s path and fulfill the authors’ goal to rouse the inner spirit of those who accept their invitation.”
“The authors have collaborated powerfully to create a rich, poetic, and profound work of art as well as spiritual, psychological science. The collective wisdom and suggested practices are just what is needed for inspiration and balance in challenging times. Prepare to be led on a gentle, yet deep, expansive journey through the revelatory chakra system by the many masters the authors have gathered and generously shared.”
Awakening the Chakras looks at the chakras directly from ancient sources and examines how to use them as a focal point for meditation and other inner work in a clear and concise way. It engages both sides of the brain through storytelling intertwined with historical information in a way that brings us to a place beyond usual perception. Victor, Kooch, and Pieter could not have written this book together without being an example of the harmony of the chakra practices mentioned.”
“A multilayered perspective that enhances the information about the chakra system. Weltevrede’s artwork brings the words to life. The authors’ collective experience with this ancient system of spiritual development has enabled them to create a text that speaks equally to practitioners of all religious/spiritual traditions. This book rises to the top of the pile. It represents not only the most coherent explanation I have read to date but simultaneously the one that is most respectful of the ancient Vedic tradition from which it derives. Kudos to all three authors. It is a job well done!”
Awakening the Chakras is an exquisite book. Beautifully written and illustrated, it is personal, practical, and authoritative. Spiritual and wise, the book itself truly has the potential to help awaken the chakras.”
“There is immense wisdom presented from both the Indian teachers and Western psychology. The synthesis of this remarkable material brought to you by extremely capable people is brilliant. This is not a minor work: It entices you in but demands more than a quick breeze through and can be used as an in-depth how-to manual for each chakra. A few words cannot do justice to this masterful presentation. This is a source you can trust.”
“In this book Western psychology is informed by the power of Indian spiritual forms through a fuller understanding of the chakra system or hierarchy. The well-written narrative is easily accessible and an encouraging self-reflection at a deeper level than is usually possible in most Western systems of thought. This new work introduces the reader to a wisdom-centered view of self-awareness and consciousness.”
“The authors are not only philosophers but have also given voice to divine guidance--a wisdom beyond ordinary reach.”

ISBN:  9781620555873