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Ashia's Table : Family Recipes from India and beyond
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Ashia's Table : Family Recipes from India and beyond

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Ashia's Table
Author(s): Ashia Ismail-Singer

Authentic Indian recipes that are simple and totally doable

Ashia’s Table features well-known traditional Indian dishes alongside a selection of exciting new dishes based on Indian flavors and textures, all of which can be easily made at home.

Ashia Ismail-Singer’s debut cookbook pays homage to her heritage, blending it seamlessly with a modern and authentic take on her native Indian cuisine. Her recipes aren’t just a list of ingredients and measurements: For Ashia, they are memories of childhood, food experiences that have been passed down through generations, and which connect her to her family and homeland. With chutneys and bites for grazing, light lunches, nourishing main dishes, desserts, home baking, and more, this book brings you a collection of recipes inspired by India’s rich food culture, made with ingredients that are easy to find wherever you are.

Ashia’s Table
is a beautiful book to be cherished for its delicious recipes, stunning photography, and attractive design.

“A joy to cook from as well as to read, this is a great addition to any cookbook collection … exquisite photography … recipes are simple, filled with comfort, and easy to execute … Fans of Indian cuisine will love the rice dishes, robust chutneys, and many vegetarian options, like pea and paneer curry and mung dhal. Ismail-Singer’s observation that home is wherever family is reflects the beauty of her recipes and her life journey.”
“[A] heartfelt tribute and solid introduction to Indian cooking. Food writer Ismail-Singer ably proves that ‘Indian food does not have to be complicated’ in this excellent debut packed with simple yet satisfying recipes inspired by her heritage. A descendant of Memon Muslims in western India … many of the dishes on offer… showcase a tantalizing blend of traditions … Thanks to her straightforward instructions, even those less versed in cooking Indian cuisine will find her recipes—including those for more time-consuming dishes such as chicken biryani and gulab jamun (fried dough balls soaked in syrup)—easy to execute.”
“[A]n an excellent book for those willing to try fusion Indian cuisine.”

ISBN:  9781623718848