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Goodbye, Status Quo : Reimagining the Landscape of Innovation
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Goodbye, Status Quo : Reimagining the Landscape of Innovation

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Goodbye, Status Quo
Author(s): Joan Fallon

In Goodbye, Status Quo, visionary scientist and leading entrepreneur Dr. Joan Fallon equips readers with the tools to overcome obstacles and become agents of change—as entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals.

In Goodbye, Status Quo, Dr. Joan Fallon equips her readers with the tools to be agents of change: as entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals. No matter where you come from or who you are, you can be an agent of change. If you are setting out to change the world—great, she affirms—just keep in mind that change must start with you.

As a company founder, Dr. Fallon faced many obstacles. Some of the greatest ones came from how other people saw her. A woman in her fifties with a warm, approachable manner, she didn’t fit the typical entrepreneur profile. Now as a respected business leader, doctor, and academic who sits on the boards of numerous non-profits and is frequently asked to mentor others, Joan is driven to share what she has learned and the perspectives that brought her success.

She is also fascinated by the subject of change. What are the impediments that keep leaders and individuals from changing the world, or even just changing themselves, and how can they be overcome? What is it about you that holds you, your job, or your company back from changing?

Joan Fallon believes that deductive reasoning in addition to the typical inductive reasoning and other science-based approaches allow us to move past the reactive responses that leave us stuck, unable to innovate and make change. Fear-based thinking rules in many sectors today—in business, politics, even relationships. And fear is the fundamental factor that holds us back from embracing change.

Goodbye, Status Quo blends lessons from Joan’s own entrepreneurial experiences and scientific observations to give readers informative and actionable advice on the topics of

entrepreneurship, innovation, and making change. Each chapter offers pithy advice that taps into business, medicine, philosophy, and even baseball.

No matter your background, experience, or personal struggles, you can change the world—if you are willing to first change yourself. 


ISBN:  9781637630358