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Chakra Cards for Belief Change : The Healing InSight Method
Findhorn Press

Chakra Cards for Belief Change : The Healing InSight Method

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Chakra Cards for Belief Change
Author(s): Nikki Gresham-Record

A transformative card deck and guidebook for creating positive change using high-vibration chakra imagery and belief affirmations

• Includes 56 full-color cards, each featuring a main chakra image or chakra-aspect image along with chakra-related beliefs and affirmations for energetic realignment

• The accompanying guidebook describes how to use the cards for therapeutic guidance and inspiration or as part of the Healing InSight Method for belief change

• Explains how to select cards to identify the beliefs we need to work on or to help us become a vibrational match with the belief or life experience we desire

A card deck and therapy tool in one, Chakra Cards for Belief Change offers 56 full-color cards to assist you in transforming your unhelpful beliefs and raising your vibration to begin creating the reality you desire. The cards feature high-vibration, full-color chakra images to use as tools for therapeutic guidance as well as for positive manifestation. Energy therapist and psychologist Nikki Gresham-Record explains how unhealthy beliefs can take root within the chakras, causing energetic blockages that affect us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She channeled 28 beliefs for each chakra, which can be transformed using the chakra cards and the Healing InSight Method described in the accompanying guidebook.

Containing 8 different cards for each chakra, the deck includes a main chakra image card along with 7 chakra aspect cards. Through contemplation of the chakra art and the related beliefs and affirmations on each card with the Healing InSight Method, the deck can be used to energetically realign our beliefs, clear the chakras, and steer the mind in the direction of healthy thoughts, feelings, and experiences. If we know that we are stuck but don’t know how to move forward, cards can be selected through muscle testing or divination to identify the next steps in becoming unstuck. We can then raise our consciousness and redirect ourselves toward empowerment, love, and freedom.

Used for inspiration or guidance, the cards highlight specifically where people need to focus in order to turn challenges into growth experiences. When ready to move beyond “what is,” the chakra cards and Healing InSight Method can be used to create vibrational alignment with beliefs of our choosing, reprogram the subconscious mind, and set us on the path toward a happier, healthier, and more harmonious life.

“Nikki’s work is truly important and powerful in this time of integration of science and spirituality. These cards give a tangible, practical, and synchronous way of implementing her teachings. I love her work and am blessed to call her a friend.”
“I love these incredible cards that Nikki has created. As I read the affirmations I know and can feel a shift, a balance that’s happening within the chakra, my body, and my belief system. … Of course, the perfect card and affirmation comes up for exactly what’s going on and what you’re feeling at the time. The artwork is so beautiful and a meditation in itself.”
“Not only are the card designs both mystical and magical, the colors are perfect for each section and bring with them a healing essence of peace and calm. . . . Thank you, Nikki Gresham-Record, for following your Divine Guidance and creating these amazing cards that will bring healing, clarity, and happiness to many.”
“The cards are simple to use and are prefect for those wishing to working on clearing blockages, realign the chakras and move forward with a more harmonious life and live for the higher good.”

ISBN:  9781644110409