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Chakra Healing Therapy : Awaken Spiritual Energies and Heal Emotional Wounds
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Chakra Healing Therapy : Awaken Spiritual Energies and Heal Emotional Wounds

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Chakra Healing Therapy
Author(s): Glen Park

A guide to working with the chakras to heal emotional wounds, release physical tensions, explore psychic abilities, and awaken spiritual energies

• Explores each chakra on the physical, psychological, psychic, and spiritual level and explains how the chakras can be understood as an embodied map of the psyche, linked with different stages of development

• Details the author’s system of Chakra Therapy, which integrates healing touch with chakra visualizations

• Offers practical exercises to nourish and support each chakra as well as practices for daily chakra maintenance

In this in-depth guide to working with the chakras, author Glen Park draws on her decades of experience as a Chakra Therapist to explain how the chakras can be understood as an embodied map of the psyche, with each chakra representing a different stage of development from infancy and childhood through adulthood, with the Heart Chakra playing a central role in awakening the spiritual potential of the upper chakras. She examines each chakra individually on the physical, psychological, psychic, and spiritual level, as well as through the lens of the solar (masculine) and lunar (feminine) channels. She shows how the connections between the chakras and developmental stages are paralleled in the findings of Western psychology and neuroscience and how our collective expressions of the chakras influence cultural trends in society.

The author’s system of Chakra Therapy integrates healing touch with guided chakra visualizations, offering practical exercises to nourish and balance each chakra so it can be integrated and in harmony with the entire chakra system. She explores how to work with the Heart Chakra for deep transformation and self-healing, including healing emotional wounds from childhood and enabling the psychic and spiritual levels of the Throat and Eye Chakras to develop, with the potential of opening to the divine realm of the Crown Chakra. Sharing case studies from her Chakra Therapy practice, she shows how we gain a richer understanding of ourselves both mentally and physically by working with the chakras, opening ourselves to the potential for deep soul growth and transformation.

Chakra Healing Therapy offers an invaluable model for clear understanding of the relationship of chakras to health, mental well-being, and spiritual transformation. It is the most clear and in-depth exposition of the chakra system I have read and includes beautiful charts and diagrams; solid references related to research, psychology, and transpersonal theories of development; and specific practices for balancing chakras and grounding, many based on the Alexander Technique. Eastern theories of the chakras are integrated with Western developmental stages and correlated with various stages of life. The author shows the relationship of chakras to the endocrine system and neurology, suggests causes and solutions for chakra imbalances, and provides studies demonstrating the impact of body therapy on correcting chakra imbalances. This is an excellent reference for therapists and anyone with an interest in enlivening, balancing, and transforming their subtle energy system.”
“Glen Park’s Chakra Healing Therapy is a modern guide to ancient insights--how the entire universe is intelligent and conscious, and how these qualities envelop and manifest in the human body. This book is important for anyone who is interested in spiritual evolution.”
“I am sure Chakra Healing Therapy will be of great value to suffering humanity at a time when deep trauma, past and present, is affecting the lives of millions all over the planet.”
Chakra Healing Therapy is a tour de force, integrating the Alexander Technique, energy therapy, developmental psychology, and spiritual wisdom into an easyto- understand, practical guide for personal healing and transformation you can develop on your own. Glen Park’s vast research and professional experience culminate in the most comprehensive, readable text I’ve seen for holistic personal growth, from healing fundamental wounds to advanced spiritual actualization.”
Chakra Healing Therapy is groundbreaking in its unification of the Eastern wisdom of the chakras with Western psychology. It is both visionary in its scope and practical in its application, showing a truly holistic way of understanding psychological health and illness in which the chakras mirror back the development of the individual. This book will be of immense value to professional therapists and anyone seeking to maximize their own health and well-being.”
“Glen Park’s passion to understand and illuminate the secrets of the chakras finds an engaging and profoundly useful expression in this wonderful book. Highly recommended for all who care about self-healing, healing others, and helping to heal the world.”
“Prana, the chakras, and kundalini originate from and are central to the Tantric and Shakti yogic traditions, but the classic texts can be dense, culture bound, and obscure. Glen Park’s book is the result of decades of practice and is based on her lived experience. She offers a clear, thorough, and accessible book on the chakras and subtle energy system.”
“There have been many books written on the chakras but none more comprehensive and incisive as Chakra Healing Therapy. Glen Park has achieved a most thorough synthesis of Western psychology and Eastern wisdom, shedding new light on the chakra system.”
“In Chakra Healing Therapy, Glen Park lays out a historic and fundamental understanding of the seven energy bodies: how they influence and support our physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual development. Park provides case studies from her healing therapy practice, including personal exercises for healing developmental wounds. An excellent read and exploration for young therapists of any discipline.”
“Glen Park has written a lucid, informative, and well-illustrated book on the chakras and human development. She brings 30 years of working with the energy of the chakras and the Alexander Technique, and I can honestly say that I learned something new and interesting on every page.”
"Chakra Healing Therapy is one of those books that you wish you had come across before you’ve bought several books to get the full picture of the chakras that is gifted in this single read. The Bibliography is robust and clearly demonstrates the level of research and study that went into the creation of this book. I have spent many years in study of esoteric anatomy and this book pulls much of that information together in an understandable and useable way. If you are seeking something more than a cursory read on the Chakras and related systems, this is the book for you."
“This wise and compassionate book is a welcome companion on our path.”

ISBN:  9781644110492