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Energy Magick of the Vampyre : Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation
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Energy Magick of the Vampyre : Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation

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Energy Magick of the Vampyre
Author(s): Don Webb

A guided initiation to becoming an adept in Vampyre energy magick

• Explains how a Vampyre is not a blood-sucking mythical figure but a shaman who is skilled in gathering, using, and storing energy for magical power and personal liberation

• Reveals how to gather and store energy from the world around you and shares magical techniques, manifestation methods, and practices to utilize the energy you have collected

• Looks at servitors and familiars, vampyric runes, dream architecture, money magick practices, and sex magick techniques as well as advanced practices such as healing with vampyric magick

In this initiatory guide, Don Webb explains how to learn from the myth of the vampire to gather, use, and store energy for magical power, manifestation, and personal liberation. A Master of the Order of the Vampyre within the Temple of Set, the author shares a 9-month process to awaken and initiate you as a Vampyre and allow you to actualize your hidden potential.

Webb begins by explaining how to gather energy from the world around you and store it in the body, in artifacts and talismans, and in groups of people, such as a coven. Through the 9 stages of initiation, the author offers guided magical techniques, manifestation methods, and experiments to utilize the energy you have learned to gather and store. He also examines familiars, Vampyric runes, money magick practices, and sex magic techniques. Sharing more advanced practices, Webb looks at the creation and destruction of egregores and how to fight off psychic vampires--those who steal your power and energies. Achieve greater self-knowledge, a deeper connection with the energies that surround you, and the power to manifest your deepest desires by walking the path of the Vampyre.

“A very dangerous book. Yes, some of the magical technologies in its pages could be used for malefic means by unscrupulous dabblers. But the real danger is in its power to revolutionize your understanding of reality. Highly recommended!”
Energy Magick of the Vampyre is both a personal book about the dark mysteries as well as an excellent instructive description of the eroto-mysticism of Vampyric magic. It goes beyond what you’ve read before and puts Vampyric magic in its proper context. The book is written by one of the most experienced teachers of the Left-Hand Path and is a book that raises the pulse and brings to life what is hidden in the shadows.
Energy Magick of the Vampyre is an entertaining introduction to the most fascinating and compelling aspects of antinomianism: the achievement of immortality. Complete with a side trip into the minds of Anton LaVey, Michael Aquino, William Burroughs, and others, this book details the most important influences and methods of the modern Left-Hand Path of Western magic and what they can do for you. It is as if the techniques of occultism, mass manipulation, and self-help were thrown together into a strangely appealing stew for those wishing to create their own egregore.”
“Don Webb’s latest work, Energy Magick of the Vampyre, expresses the masterful understanding that energy and Vampyrism are directly connected. The methodology of Vampyre magic within this book is centered in the practical, focused on consistent application and practice in the real world. I suggest this book to the beginner and adept alike as it balances the perspectives of the mindscape of a Vampyre in daily life. This is a must-have!”
“There’s a reason why Don Webb is one of my favorite contemporary occult authors: everything he writes is enlightening in one way or another. A born storyteller if I’ve ever met one, he takes us on a barnstorming journey across the world of magic both archetypal and modern, pursuing the path of the Vampyre without all the biting and the garlic. An inventive, highly instructive, entertaining, and easy-to-follow manual of the Left-Hand Path for the 21st century like no other.”
Energy Magick of the Vampyre is all about that energy--and obtaining, keeping, and using it for one’s own best purposes. If the word ‘vampyre’ frightens you then this book is probably not for you--unless it scares you, you know, in a good way. Aha--I just conjured up some energy there, now didn’t I? Webb’s guide is an encyclopedic how-to that blasts most other ‘occult’ tomes out of the water. What this book can do for you is multifarious. It can help you define what a ‘Vampyre’ is, in case you know a few; it can help you see where this form of magick can be possible and beneficial in your life; and it can begin your journey on a path. It is not the end-all, be-all of attaining the rank of energy Vampyre, but it is, I believe, one’s best starting place. Read the book.”
"This book is more about energy than just Vampyres. How to enhance energy, amplify it, shape it and transform it. What is great about this book is the positive and empowering spin on self improvement. Anyone can learn a great deal and further their own Xeper / Zhep'r with this book. I love the spelling of Vampyre with a Y in the title, as this is something I have been doing since 1994 to determine the difference between fiction (vampire) and practice / lifestyle / path (Vampyre). What I can say is that this book is perfectly compatible with the perspectives of the Ordo Strigoi Vii and the Black Veils Vampyre traditions. I encourage my students and followers, plus all who want a better VC to read this book to test and experiment with its teachings. Do I see a trend of a mysterious, empowered and energy amplified Vampyre Current & Culture rising after the pandemic? I firmly think so and this book is a great contribution to this vision. Don's writings in this book contribute another fresh and insightful reinforcement to the Vampyre Current while revealing the origins of the word VAMPYRE with a Y in esoteric use. Hail Elorath ~ Xeper ~ Zhep'r."

ISBN:  9781644111321