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Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer : Treating the Emotional Imbalances at the Root of Disease
Findhorn Press

Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer : Treating the Emotional Imbalances at the Root of Disease

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Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer
Author(s): Tjitze de Jong

A guide to the psychological causes of cancer and how energetic healing can assist in a mind-body cure

• Unravels the psychological aspects of an individual's energetic defense system, with a focus on cancer, and provides insight into how energetic distortions in our physical and energetic bodies can lead to illness

• Explores where possible energetic blocks might develop and how energetic cellular healing techniques can assist in dissolving them

• Shares intimate cancer journeys from individuals the author has worked with

As a complementary energy healer, Tjitze de Jong has supported hundreds of clients during their journey with cancer over the past 15 years. In Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer, he provides insight into the functioning of our cells and our immune system and how energetic distortions in our physical as well as energetic bodies, for example, in our chakras and auras, can lead to illness. He explores the correlation between cancer and emotional imbalances and explains how energetic healing techniques can make a difference in how our bodies cope with, and heal, illness. Drawing on the work of Wilhelm Reich and Barbara Brennan, the author unravels the psychological aspects of an individual’s energetic defense system and examines where possible energetic blocks might develop or have their origin, and how they can be dissolved. He also details energetic exercises that instantly stimulate the vibrancy of the aura and the chakras and offers practical advice on how to enhance and strengthen the immune system.

Sharing intimate stories of cancer journeys from individuals he has worked with, Tjitze de Jong emphasizes that, before healing is within the realm of possibility, an individual needs to be able to recognize self-limiting and self-debilitating beliefs, behaviors, and patterns, nearly always based on experiences from our formative early years. Once a person starts to engage in deep inner work, they are able to start releasing these patterns and move toward regaining their autonomy, and eventually better health.

While the focus of this book is on cancer, much of the information offered here is relevant for other illnesses too, making this an excellent guide for self-exploration and healing as well as a reference tool for therapists and alternative health practitioners.

“The mind-body connection is irrefutable now, thanks to the discoveries of neuroscience. What is also uncontested is the power of personal advocacy and patient engagement in the healing process, particularly in regard to breast cancer. Tjitze de Jong takes this one step further by elucidating the link between emotions and cellular change. Pointing to how specific shifts in daily life can offset cancer’s progress, Tjitze de Jong opens a portal into sustainable health care for everyone. As a neuroscientist who has specialized in resolving trauma for populations at risk, I celebrate Tjitze de Jong’s book. It speaks to how individuals can act courageously to step into the center of their own health care through awareness, consciousness, and subtle adjustments in lifestyle. This brings not only hope but real physiological change through the mind-body communication networks that are innate in all of us.”
“Psychologist Dr. Hans Eysenck demonstrated that 75 percent of people who died of cancer had lifelong depression, 15 percent had lifelong anger, and 9 percent had both! This is just one medical confirmation of Tjitze de Jong’s work. You cannot afford the luxury of anger, guilt, anxiety, or depression. The answer is energetic cellular healing!”
“Tjitze is a wonderful person, a phenomenal complementary energy healer, and now he turns out to be an engaging author on a tough topic as well. The notion that cancer may develop as a result of self-harming beliefs may not come as welcome news to everyone. Those who are willing to see illness as a portal to healing and health will be enriched by the insightful theory and moving portraits of those who have gone before in this important book, Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer.”
“In an almost exaggerated fashion, the cancer discussion concentrates on physical problems, without taking into account the emotional, social, energetic, and even spiritual aspects which are at play. This often leads to a rather tension-filled fight against our own body, whereas these other elements of our daily existence can bring a deeper connectedness and liberate our potential toward self-healing. In Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer, you can tap into a nuanced viewpoint of all aspects of illness. This book contains quite a unique combination of theory, practical examples, and exercises and opens up a path toward a holistic approach and a deeper trust in your powers of self-healing and the wisdom of your body.”
"Although this book is ostensibly aimed at cancer patients, its treatment of mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances at the root of disease is much more widely applicable. The author draws extensively on his own experience, but also the work of Wilhelm Reich and Barbara Ann Brennan, with whom he trained."

ISBN:  9781644111512