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Pegasus Crime

Dying for Christmas : A Novel

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Dying for Christmas
Author(s): Tammy Cohen

A novel full of twists, surprising turns, and suspense, Dying for Christmas is Tammy Cohen's most disturbing psychological thriller yet.

Out Christmas shopping one December afternoon, Jessica Gould meets the charming Dominic Lacey and impulsively agrees to go home with him for a drink. What follows is a Twelve Days of Christmas from hell as Lacey holds Jessica captive, forcing her to wear his missing wife’s gowns and eat lavish holiday meals. Each day he gifts her with one item from his twisted past—his dead sister’s favorite toy, disturbing family photos, a box of teeth. As the days pass and the “gifts” become darker and darker, Jessica realizes that Lacey has a plan for her, and he never intends to let her go.

But Jessica has a secret of her own … a secret that may just mean she has a chance to make it out alive.

"A downright chilling psychological suspense novel. Perfect holiday reading."
"Tammy Cohen is a master of the suspense/thriller genre and her latest novel is a truly riveting read from beginning to end."
"Intriguing, startling and frightening. One of those books that begs to be read twice to fully appreciate what has occurred. Cohen’s writing is so strong that even when one learns the truth, the indoctrination sewn throughout the narrative has set in so well that its aftereffects linger right up to the final page. Read it and enjoy. You’ll hesitate before you ever respond to a stranger again."
"Satisfying twists and turns. Cohen’s holiday-tinged psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl."
"An exciting, chillingly complex psychological thriller."

ISBN:  9781681772615