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Armstrong Rides Again!
Regnery Fiction

Armstrong Rides Again!

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Armstrong Rides Again!
Author(s): H. W. Crocker

“The best new novel I’ve read in years…. As rugged as Zane Grey, as funny as P. G. Wodehouse, as smart as Evelyn Waugh, and as sharp as Ambrose Bierce. You don’t want to miss it.” —Michael Warren Davis, The Common Man

In Armstrong, the first volume in the Custer of the West series, George Armstrong Custer survived the battle at the Little Big Horn, assumed a new identity (Marshal Armstrong Armstrong) and with the help of a multilingual Indian scout, cancan dancers, Chinese acrobats, a savage dog, and a Southern cardsharp, saved the town of Bloody Gulch, Montana, from the oppression of a corrupt Indian trader.

Now Armstrong is back, in Armstrong Rides Again! making common cause with the writer (and former Union officer) Ambrose Bierce, and serving as a soldier of fortune in the strife-torn Latin American island of Neustraguano, where romance, intrigue, a rumbling volcano, revolutionaries, smugglers, treasure, and a civil war all combine for a rip-roaring sequel.

"Armstrong was great, but Armstrong Rides Again! is one of those cases where the sequel is even better." —David Limbaugh
"Armstrong Rides Again! is a remarkable achievement; as satire it is in the tradition of Evelyn Waugh’s Black Mischief and on par with his Scoop....." —American Greatness
A "most riotous picaresque novel...filled with wry social commentary." —Robert Spencer
"Armstrong Rides Again!, like its predecessor Armstrong, provides plenty of action, humor, and light romance.... If you prefer the old, patriotic version of American history...you will undoubtedly enjoy Armstrong and Armstrong Rides Again!" Liberty Island Mag
"A rollicking yet insightful adventure novel with a bravado premise....It delivers the most expertly rendered combat sequences outside of Bernard Cornwell." —The American Spectator

ISBN:  9781684511693