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Author(s): Sammy H.K. Smith

The anticipated paperback release of our lead title for Summer 2021, a chilling feminist novel set in a near-future dystopia about the sacrifices we make for the sake of protection.


Anna is a possession. She is owned by the man named Will, shielded from a struggling world by his care.

Anna is obedient, dutiful, and compliant.

When Anna finds the strength to run, she leaves her name behind. But in her new idyllic town, the past—and Will—catch up with her.

Carrying a child and a dark secret, she must face the scars he gave her—and learn to be everything Anna was not.

"You’ll experience every single emotion. There are moments of joy in the book, moments of love and laughter… the darkness is lit by those moments, and it is as dark and unforgiving as Cormac McCarthy’s 'The Road'." -- Fantasy-Faction
"Anna is a masterpiece." -- John Dodd, author of Just Add Water
"It is brutal and honest and brave beyond measure. It will pull your emotions every which way, so expect to have quite the book hangover when you’re finished…" -- Shona Kinsella, BFS Reviews
"Anna is a totally immersive read. Dark and compelling, you’ll want to clear a schedule to make time to read this because once you start, it will be hard to stop." -- Shalini Boland, USA Today bestselling author
"Smith kicks you in the head, in the heart and in the gut… it felt like I’d had an emotional beating when I finished reading it." -- Pete W. Sutton, author of Seven Deadly Swords
"A suspenseful read that explores the implications of abuse against the background of a broken and brutalised society. Compelling." -- N. M. Browne, author of The Warriors Trilogy
"I loved this book. It challenged me, drew emotions to the surface, gave me pause, time to reflect, to think, and created a believable dystopian world for it all to happen in." -- G. R. Matthews, author of Seven Deaths of an Empire
"A personal story of female resilience." -- Publishers Weekly
"Intense and harrowing, Sammy paints an image of a near-future dystopia full of corruption and cruelty that feels all too plausible." -- Peter Newman, author The Vagrant series
"I loved ANNA. Raw and real, horrifying but there’s so much strength in it. Powerful, strong and necessary. Anna is an unforgettable hero." -- Anna Smith Spark, author of the Empires of Dust series
"The tension lingers right up to the very end of the story and it is not just Anna who the reader ends up fearing for." -- The Fantasy Hive
"This book is phenomenally well written. Outstanding." -- Peter McLean, author of Priest of Bones
Selected for LoveReading ‘Indie Books We Love'

"A gritty, intense and powerful read." -- LoveReading
"Gripping, compelling, highly emotional." -- FanFiAddict
“[A] hard-hitting feminist fable” -- The Times

ISBN:  9781786184689