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Sex Work Matters : Exploring Money, Power, and Intimacy in the Sex Industry

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Sex Work Matters

Sex Work Matters brings together sex workers, scholars and activists to present pioneering essays on the economics and sociology of sex work. From insights by sex workers on how they handle money, intimate relationships and daily harassment by the police, to the experience of male and transgender sex work, this fascinating and original book offers new theoretical frameworks for understanding the sex industry.

The result is a vital new contribution to sex-worker rights that explores the topic in new ways, especially its cultural, economic and political dimensions. Readers weary of the sensational and often salacious treatment of the sex industry in the media and literature will find Sex Work Matters refreshing.


“This book makes a major contribution to understanding the everyday lives, experiences and perspectives of sex workers. It offers a rich body of evidence that shatters the myths that have gained purchase in policy debates in the UK and elsewhere. It should be essential reading for everyone working in this field - academics, practitioners and policy makers alike.” —Andrea Cornwall

“Ditmore et al. have put together a thought-provoking collection, showcasing provocative essays from sex workers and academics. The book eloquently makes the case for the need for activist and academic collaboration in sex work research, and answers that challenge with brilliance and brio. The gauntlet has well and truly been thrown down.” —Jo Doezema, author of Sex Slaves and Discourse Masters

“Sex Work Matters digs deep into the unexpected ways that sexual commerce is embedded in the global pleasure and leisure industries. It's an essential guide for anyone intrigued by how sex work is moving beyond the margins and into the center of the public square.” —Melissa Gira Grant, $pread magazine, Valleywag.com, www.melissagira.com

“Sex Work Matters is destined to become a classic in its field, offering fresh new perspectives on romantic and economic taboos in the lives of sex workers. The future of research on erotic commerce depends on these powerful voices, informed arguments and timeless ideas.” —Tracy Quan, author of Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl and Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl

ISBN:  9781848134331