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Without Her

Without Her

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Without Her
Author(s): Rosalind Brackenbury

When her old friend Hannah doesn't show up at her house in the south of France, everyone assumes that Claudia, who has known Hannah since their shared years at boarding school, will know where she is, and what has happened. But as Claudia travels from the USA to France to help Hannah’s husband and children conduct their search, she is forced to deal with her old jealousy of Hannah, as well as her own relationship in the present with her French lover, Alexandre. As events unfold, Claudia begins to wonder if Hannah and Alexandre may have had an affair and if that has had something to do with Hannah's mysterious disappearance. In this exquisitely written, Ferrante-esque novel the question of whether or not Hannah will come back becomes urgent and bewildering. And if she doesn't come back, what will the lives of her friends and family be without her? 

“This standout novel. . . highlighted by fine prose and finely drawn characters. . . reaches into the heart of a long, complicated friendship, and the result is a skilled combination of a missing-person mystery and a sentimental reminiscence.”
“A steady, cool, thoughtful novel. . . a meditation on loyalty, friendship, and the geometry of human interconnection.”
“Rosalind Brackenbury knows how to grab her reader by the throat and hang on for dear life. Without Her is a smart, sexy, mysterious and utterly compelling novel.”
“In Rosalind Brackenbury’s fine new novel, two long-term lovers search for a friend who has disappeared and find that death can be a kind of victory. I enjoyed and admired it.”
“A beautiful iteration of two levels of the coming of age story. Young girls advance from childhood to adulthood, then confront the more difficult passage to old age and death. Brackenbury’s pointillist evocation of Paris and Provence makes the landscape a third character in this moving and memorable drama.”
“Rosalind Brackenbury deserves major attention for her major accomplishments. She keeps turning out beautifully written, smart, absorbing novels that satisfy me in every way. One is better than the next and Without Her, about love and friendship changing with age, is her best.”
“Suspenseful yet thoughtful, and profoundly engaging, Rosalind Brackenbury’s Without Her takes readers on a journey into betrayal, romance, art and heartbreak, the tale of a friendship enduring against all odds and a love affair put to the ultimate test. Without Her will hold readers hostage to the very last page.”

ISBN:  9781883285791