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An XL Life : Staying Big at Half the Size
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An XL Life : Staying Big at Half the Size

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An XL Life
Author(s): Big Boy

This is the weight-loss story you don’t hear about. As LA’s most talked about radio personality, and a man that peaked the scale at 500-pounds, Big Boy shares his journey to the top, and for the first time gets real about his weight-loss to ensure people know the truth.

This is the weight-loss story you haven’t heard.

Despite growing up homeless, fatherless and facing more than a few problems with gang violence, Big Boy managed to rise to the top of the hip -hop world and west-coast radio scene. He had just one problem.

Over the years, Big Boy was becoming a very big man. As he reached the pinnacle of broadcasting he just kept piling on the pounds until his weight scaled a truly scary 510 pounds. A bet with Will Smith for charity set him on the right path – but he’d need to do something much more drastic if he was going to get well. He’d have to learn to put himself first.

It didn’t come easy. A radical surgical procedure took off the pounds, but it nearly killed him. Even with his health in turmoil, Big continued to entertain while fighting through the greatest struggle of his life.

Now, in An XL Life, the joke song-singing, crank call-making, celebrity interviewing, wise-cracking, all around hilarious, humongous brotha behind the wildly popular morning radio program Big Boy’s Neighborhood shares everything he lived through and learned along the way.

“Yeah, BIG means so much to the culture. He inspired a generation. I always play his songs to get me through…Huh? What other BIG? Oh that guy. He's a really nice person.”

“His story is an inspiration to anyone looking, not merely to overcome obstacles, but to absorb, process and actually utilize adversity to their advantage.”
Will Smith

"I’ve always believed that when you speak from your heart you win hearts—Big’s friends and fans are the proof. Big has always had the biggest heart of us all.”

"Big Boy is not only one of my favorite radio personalities, he is a great person and human being. Heart of gold and man of his word. It’s an honor to call him a friend."
Sean Diddy Combs

“Big Boy is one of the nicest, funniest, most witty, most generous human beings I've come in contact with. Love him 2 death.”
Travis Barker

“Big Boy is what I call "Genuine funny." He's funny when he's telling jokes, but even when he's not tryin' to be he's STILL funny. That's not easy. Plus he's a good dude, another difficult thing to be in this business. Love that guy.”

ISBN:  9781936399215