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Meals That Heal : 100+ Everyday Anti-Inflammatory Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less (A Cookbook)
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Meals That Heal : 100+ Everyday Anti-Inflammatory Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less (A Cookbook)

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Meals That Heal
Author(s): Carolyn Williams

100+ delicious, quick, and easy anti-inflammatory recipes to make for the whole family—all ready in 30 minutes or less!

“The real key to eating healthy for all ages—is reducing inflammatory foods and increasing certain nutrients. My challenge became how to make anti-inflammatory meals easy, quick, and most importantly, taste good,” writes Carolyn Williams in her bestselling cookbook, Meals that Heal, the FIRST anti-inflammatory book written by a James Beard Award­–winning registered dietician—and the FIRST multi-purpose book on the market for those who want to make changes before they have a condition.

With more than 100 quick and tasty recipes featuring natural, healthy ingredients that have researched-backed abilities to cool inflammation, balance gut health, and detox the body, Meals that Heal will show you how to prevent future diseases, as well as heal or improve most conditions by making a few simple changes to your diet.

Inside you’ll find:
-Information about Inflammation and its effects, including eating recommendations for carbs, proteins, and fats, as well as FAQs
-A 4-Step Jumpstart Program: #1 Assess, #2 Detox and Restore, #3 Target or Reassess, #4 Eat and Feel Good
-100+ Meals ready in 30 min or less that won’t break your budget, including tips to make the recipes more family-friendly and how to prep in advance
-Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free recipes, each marked with colorful graphics to make them easy to find, alongside nutritional information for each recipe in the book
-A complete refrigerator/pantry stock list of anti-inflammatory foods, the top inflamers to avoid, a store-bought product buying guide, and on-the-go eating guidelines
-7 different weekly menu plans covering the most common conditions: Detox and Restore, Prevent or Manage Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer Prevention, Heart Health, Brain Health, Joint Health and Pain Relief, and Autoimmune Conditions

Now you can gain more energy, improve concentration, eliminate headaches and skin conditions, slow the aging process, and so much more, while eating easy and delicious meals!

“In my former role as Executive Editor at Cooking Light magazine, I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn numerous times. Her work was always pristine—thoroughly researched and insightful, breaking down complicated nutrition concepts into easy-to-understand language for our readers. Meals That Heal is, not surprisingly, no different. It clearly defines chronic inflammation, details why it’s harmful and potentially detrimental to health, explains the role food plays, and empowers people to take control of their own health through better eating habits. Most importantly, as a busy mom herself, she has created easy, delicious recipes that real people can quickly make at home to improve their health. Because it’s one thing to tell people about chronic inflammation; it’s another thing to help them reverse or prevent it through recipes they’ll actually make.” —Ann Taylor Pittman, food writer and recipe developer
"Award-winning author Carolyn Williams, PHD, RD, seems to have a book for almost every health problem." —Las Vegas Tribune
“With so many revitalizing activities to take part in during the summer months, the last thing we want is to feel too sick or sluggish to enjoy them. To the rescue: the new cookbook Meals that Heal from award-winning author and dietician Carolyn Williams. Look no further than these delicious, energizing, anti-inflammatory recipes. Try one tonight!”Closer Weekly
“Chronic inflammation is associated with many health conditions from bloating to eczema. Award-winning dietitian Carolyn Williams’ new cookbook, Meals That Heal, will guide you to foods and recipes that calm inflammation and help you reach your personal goals. The recipes, like Pork Scaloppine with White Beans and Zucchini Taco Skillet, incorporate fresh, whole ingredients that have research-demonstrated ability to cool inflammation, balance gut health and calm the body.”National Examiner
“You’ve probably heard that laughter is the best medicine. Well, eating healthily also ranks up there—and that’s the philosophy of Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD, and her cookbook, Meals That Heal. The recipes from it featured here—including chicken noodle soup, stuffed tomatoes, and even chickpea-based ‘cookie dough’ bites—are not only easy to make and delicious but also designed to help you start feeling healthier.”Start Healthy Magazine
“Inflammation is the root cause of most ailments. In this information-packed cookbook, you’ll not only learn how inflammation impacts our bodies but gain access to family-friendly anti-inflammatory recipes that are easy and intuitive to create. Adding more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet is key to better health and this book can be your go-to guide in getting started.”Kiwi Magazine
“When we first read Meals That Heal, the new cookbook from Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD, we couldn’t wait to start cooking, all the recipes sounded so delicious. Then we started reading about all their health benefits…”Pilates Style Magazine


ISBN:  9781982130787