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Already Enough : A Path to Self-Acceptance
Simon & Schuster

Already Enough : A Path to Self-Acceptance

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Already Enough
Author(s): Lisa Olivera

Identify, understand, and reframe your life story with this essential guide for self-acceptance from Lisa Olivera, a therapist, writer, and creator of a wildly popular Instagram account.

When Lisa Olivera was just a few hours old, her birth mother abandoned her behind a rock near Muir Woods in Northern California. She was found and later adopted.

Growing up, Lisa knew she was adopted. She later learned she was abandoned. Like with many adopted children, this led Lisa to wonder: why did her mother leave her behind? Without answers, Lisa came up with her own: something must be wrong with her. Lisa came to believe she was not enough. This story wasn’t true, but it made sense of a confusing experience. It allowed her to move forward. It felt like the only way. Until, with the help of a therapist, Lisa began to tell herself a better story.

If you have ever felt like you didn’t belong, or like you weren’t worthy, or like you weren’t enough, just as you are...it might be time for you to rewrite your story, too. Now a therapist herself, Lisa shows you how.

In Already Enough, Lisa explores how our stories affect us—often much more than we realize. She guides us through reframing our stories so we can remember that we are already enough, just as we are. And she invites us to join her on a transformative journey to healing. Tender, hopeful, and inspiring, Already Enough is a powerful reminder that we are the authors of our own stories. The sooner we decide to write a better story, the sooner we can live a more whole, more meaningful, more nourishing life.

"An insightful, compassionate therapist offers practical, positive advice and self-help strategies for reframing painful life stories." —SHELF AWARENESS
"In these pages, Lisa Olivera explains how to change the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. With small shifts in our thinking, she shows that we can experience tremendous healing. She lights the way down what was once a dark road. Already Enough is beautiful, meditative, touching and hopeful." 
"One of the best books ever about healing from the past and finding a better future. Lisa Olivera offers deep insight and practical suggestions grounded in the science of change. Her writing is pithy, honest, helpful, and so hopeful. As you read, you feel she is with you, like an encouraging friend who has been through the fire herself and also happens to be an extraordinary therapist."
"This collection of work is wrapped in truth and vulnerability. Each page creates a sense of soulful reverence."
“Already Enough is a balm for all of us for whom false stories have ruled our lives and limited our vision. Lisa Olivera''s Already Enough empowers readers by offering a path to liberation from the stories that have limited us for long enough. Part memoir, part guide, and all heart, Already Enough is a must-read for anyone searching for their true story underneath the false and often toxic narratives that no longer serve them.”
"We all come with stories but have you ever wondered about yours? Is it true? Does it define me? Already Enough by Lisa Olivera is a template to help us uncover the true nature of ourselves. Thought-provoking, touching and supportive, a book for all who have ever thought they might not be good enough.” 
"Already Enough is an insightful, deeply personal journey into self-compassion and self-acceptance.  Authenticity shines through every page, as readers are invited to find their own pathway to the realization that they are already enough.”
"With honesty and grace Lisa offers a beautiful roadmap for transformation. She reminds us again and again that no matter what our current circumstances, and no matter what has happened in the past, healing is always possible."


ISBN:  9781982138929